Coca-Cola: Ten Astounding Facts About America’s Favorite Soft Drink

Over the course of Coke’s long history, there have been more than a few unsettling insights that have come to life. The company has been accused of everything from racism to anti-semetic marketing campaigns. Despite the negative press, Coke has remained a figure of everything Americana, and has a greater cash flow than all of it’s competitors. Coca-Cola Inc spends more on advertising every year than Apple and Android combined, and has a gross annual income that exceeds many small countries (just above Costa Rica in-fact). On March 12th , Coca-Cola Inc will ring in it’s one-hundred and twenty second birthday, so to celebrate let’s look at a few facts that most people never knew about their favorite soda.

#1 Bugs be gone

Bugs be gone


Throughout the world people have found many ingenious ideas about how to use this beverage, but most wouldn’t guess that it makes a great insect repellent. Simply put a can of Coke (don’t use diet) into a bowl and place it within a ten foot radius of your party. The bugs will flock to the sugar leaving you and your guests alone.

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