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Common Myths About Dogs You Believed

If only dogs could speak, we probably wouldn’t even need other people. But they don’t!
This makes it even more difficult to know if they are happy or ill or how they feel.

Don’t you want to know how your best friend actually is rather than just believing things you hear from here and there. Here are 6 common myths about dogs you believed. Hopefully, this will change a few things about how you raise your pal.

#1. They are colour blind

You must have heard somewhere or the other that dogs are colour-blind and they only see in black and white. However, this is just a myth. Dogs can actually see some colours, though not as elaborately as humans. Dogs do not see in a shades of grey, they see more in hues of blue, yellow and violet. But they do have something extra which normal human eyes don’t. Due to the presence of more photoreceptors in their eyes, they can see better in dark which provides them excellent night vision.

#2. A dry nose means a sick dog

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Many pet owners still look at their dogs’ nose to see if they are sick. They believe a wet nose means a healthy dog. This is just another myth. The level of moisture or the temperature of a dog’s nose has nothing to do with his wellbeing. More often, dogs wake up with dry noses.

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