How to Deal With People Better Than You?

It is common for people to compare themselves to someone else. A classmate who always knows the answer, a girl who always look beautiful or a colleague who is full of ideas- we all have these types of people in our lives and overtime start feeling bad about ourselves because they are so much better than us. They are the reason people we suffer from low self-esteem. But is it? Or can it be controlled? Here are 6 ways to deal with people better than you.

#1.  Acknowledge the Truth

The first step to dealing with such  people is to acknowledge the truth that they are in a way better than you. But this is nothing to lose your sleep over because there is always going to be someone better than you and someone else better than them. Be open and receptive towards these people and you may learn a few things.

#2.  Stop comparisons and be honest with yourself

Every single person is unique and has his/her own set of strengths and weaknesses. So, comparing yourself with someone else doesn’t make sense. The people you are comparing yourself with have their own unique qualities which have helped them become the people they are today. You have your own set of qualities. Instead of comparing those to someone else’s, you should recognize them and be honest with yourself. What is it that you lack and how can you fill that gap? Start introspecting and you will see the answers.

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