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DIY Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Valentine’s day is almost here and you must be already cracking your head to find out a good gift for your valentine. Deciding what to gift someone is the world’s most difficult job. Isn’t it so? Well, you know what the most special gift is? No, not the materialistic and expensive ones. It is the little things that you do for him/her is what makes your relationship special. Do It Yourself or DIY gift ideas can be a solution to this. Make cute stuffs for your Valentine.

Here are some amazing DIY gift ideas for you.


Trust me, this is one of the most romantic gifts for your valentine. In this world of mails and instant messaging, love letters are totally ignored but the feeling they give can’t be compared.  Write a sweet letter and put it inside a glass bottle. Block it with a cork and wrap the neck with a cute ribbon. There your special gift is ready.

#2. Handmade jewelries.

Handmade jewelries
Image Source

This one is for the girls. Collect some cute beads and stones and make a lovely necklace, anklets, or bracelet out of it. You can even make embroidery necklace or bracelet using colorful threads and braiding them.  She will be delighted to see that.

#3.Decorated Coffee Mugs.

Decorated Coffee Mugs
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Coffee mugs are common as gifts but make it special by decorating them. Use permanent markers or glass paints and make cute art on it. You can even write short messages on it, that looks lovely.

#4. Monograms with collages.

Monograms with collages
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Make monograms by cutting scrap cartons or boxes. You can even cut large alphabets out of it to make his or her name. Paint it with black and then cover it with both of yours pictures. Putting them up on the wall sounds amazing.

#5. Chocolate bouquet.

Flowers are too mainstream, why not make a bouquet of candies and chocolates? There’s no one who would say no to chocolates. Get a bunch of chocolates and candies, arrange them properly and tie it with a ribbon. Don’t forget to add a note with ‘I love You’

#6. Memory Jar.

Memory Jar
Image Source

Bring a beautiful glass jar and fill it with memories. How? Collect all your memorable pictures with him/her and stick them on the walls of the jar. Fill it with candies, small gifts like key chains or just short notes. Tie the neck with a ribbon and it is ready!

#7.  Pull out photo album.

Pull out photo album
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Another memory lane. Attach all your pictures together and put a string at the end. Keep them safely in a cute box so that when you pull it out it comes one by one.

#8. Secret book.

Secret book
Image Source

This one is easy and romantic. Cut out the the middle part of the pages in a book, like a box and glue the pages with each other. Place a small gift, a ring or pendant, and cover the book with red velvet paper. Romantic, no?

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