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What Does The Emojis Next To Your Snapchat Friend’s Name Really Mean?

Snapchat has become the craze among the youth lately taking over the inbuilt cell phone cameras. It had to be! Snapchat is really fun and if you are a Snapchat lover then you definitely never open your cell phone camera unless for clicking notes. LOL!

Have you noticed different emojis next to the username of your friends? Surprisingly, it changes quite often. Well, they are called The Friend Emojis. But did you try finding out what each emoji means and why they keep changing? I have an answer to that, hope this helps!

#1. Smile

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Firstly, this emoji means happy and preferable. It marks those people whom you snap frequently and they’re not just names on your list.

#2. Yellow Heart.

yellow heart
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The smile was for the ones you send frequent snaps. But what about the ones who reciprocate?  They’re definitely closer to you and you to them. So Snapchat marks them with this lovely yellow heart. Heart for love and why the color, you’ll understand as you scroll down.

#3. Red Heart.

This will answer to the question about different colored heart, because you have different colored love LOL. Okay, coming back to what I was saying. This Red heart means a regular and consistent interaction. Not every one stays, you see. If there’s a red heart, it means you two have been best friends for at least two weeks .

#4. Pink Hearts.

Oh, so there is more color to your love! Note, this time I wrote heartS. When there appears two cute pink hearts, then congratulations for have a good friendship of long two months. Keep going, besties!

#5. Grimace. (Brush your teeth before you display 😛 )

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This means a common! Here the common is your #1 BFF. WOW! So you both have the same BFF? Well, that calls for a war.

#6. Sunglasses.

Again a common this time but thanks to the almighty, not your BFF this time. It means that you both send frequent snaps to the same person. Common friend!

#7. Gold star.

gold star
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If there’s a golden star next to the person’s name then they must have replayed your snapchat.

#8. The Hundred Emoji.

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I’ve even seen people using that in their snaps. I hope they are not using it unaware. 😛 Well, it means you both were in a snapstreak for 100 days. That’s amazing, no?

#9. Smirk.

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When do we smirk? Yes, exactly! That’s the same case here. You are their best friend but they aren’t yours. Might turn up to be annoying because these people snap you more than you snap back.

#10. Baby.

A newborn face represents a new born friendship. This friend emoji appears when you two have just become friends or started snapping.

#11.  Fire.

You both set fire together, that hot? 😉 This represents a snapstreak. You’re said to be a snapstreak if you send and receive snaps from the person within 24-hours. It means you’re continuing a chain of conversation, which they call a streak. There’s a number beside the fire emoji which shows how many time you both snapped.

Now hold on, information greedy! That was all for today. I’ll fill you up with more next time, till then enjoy reading and snapping.

Source : Buzzfeed

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