Everyday Toxic Things in Your Home You Had No Idea About

#5. Mothballs

Image Source: Wikimedia

People often use mothballs to avoid moths chewing holes in their clothes but remain unaware of the fact that they can cause cancer in animals. Other substances such as napthalene which is a common ingredient of moth balls are known to destroy red blood cells, cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea on prolonged exposure.

#6. Plastic food containers

Most of the plastic containers we use in everyday life are made of phthaltes which can affect body’s endocrine system and lead to adverse impact on neurological, developmental and reproductive abilities of the body. Moreover, plastic bottles break over time, he likelihood of coming in contact with these substances increases.

#7. Hand Sanitizer

Image Source: Wikimedia

Triclosan in an active ingredient in hand sanitizers and toothpastes which has been several hormonal problems including early puberty and infertility. So unless there is no other option, better wash your hand the old-fashioned way- with soap and water.

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