What to Expect From iPhone 7

Apple is all set to launch its latest iPhone 7 and 7s next week in September as it has religiously been doing since the past 4 years. This time around it is expected to launch new versions of its iPhones and Apple Watch.

Apple has already sent a save the date reminder (7th September). People worldwide are making speculations about the features of the soon to be released iPhone. There have also been a lot of leaks, rumours and suggestions of what Apple might offer this September. So, here’s your latest update on what to expect from iPhone 7.

#1.  A New(ish) Design

There aren’t going to be any major changes in the way the latest iPhone 7 looks. It looks pretty much the same as iPhone 6 with a major difference of a much cleaner look as well as antenna lines disappearing off the back. It is likely to come in two different screen sizes of 4.7 inch and 5.5-inch screen.

#2.  No Headphone Jack

Apparently, this seems to be the big news surrounding the launch of iPhone 7. Apple is expected to remove the headphone jack from its latest model which probably means you will only be using wireless headphones.

#3.  Two lenses in the camera


You can expect another big surprise from Apple this time around. It is said that the rear camera of iPhone 7 will have two lenses to capture high-quality images or offer a better zoom. The approach is similar to Huawei P9’s second black and white camera that offers enhanced sharpness and better details as well as LG G5’s second camera that offers a zoom-out. However, iPhone’s second camera is expected to offer a zoomed-in view.

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