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Facts about the Universe

The Universe is full of stars and planets and asteroids and satellites and MYSTERIES! It is a huge structure full of complex things which no one can fully understand. The vastness of the universe has astonished mankind from the start. Here are some astonishing facts about the universe that will amaze you.

#1  You can look back in time

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Okay, so we all know that light travels (obviously) and that the stars are many light years away from us. So for example, if a star is 20 light years away from us, it means that the bright version of the star that you are seeing is 20 years old. It is from the past!! Ain’t that crazy?

#2  Journey of the Sun

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One more fact about our universe is that it revolves, and every single celestial body of the universe also revolves around something. The sun does too. It takes around 225 million years for the sun to complete its revolution around the galaxy. 225 million years! Just take it in.

#3 Let’s talk about neutron stars

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Neutron Star
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First of all neutron stars are called neutron stars because they are the smallest stars in the universe with average radii of about 11 to 11.5 km. But the funny thing about these tiny stars is that they weigh heavier than the normal stars, like way more. A tablespoon of neutron star is estimated to weigh about a billion ton!

#4 One more thing about neutron stars

neutron star1
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They are also the fastest spinning celestial object in the Universe. Any more awesome things we can expect from these little guys?

#5 Shine bright like a diamond… star?

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What if I told you that we all are made out of elements stars are made of? Basically we are made of star-dust. Before the universe came into existence most of the elements in the periodic table didn’t exist, that is, anything heavier than hydrogen. All the other elements are a product of stars. And we obviously are not made of just hydrogen. Carbon, calcium, nitrogen, et cetera are all the things found in any organism and stars. So next time if somebody says that you are a star, believe them.

#6  Fact or another movie material?

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This one is not exactly a fact but a theory. According to this theory, our universe is not the only universe and there are multiple (maybe infinite) universes out there- a ‘multiverse’. There may also be a possibility of a parallel universe. One theory also says that atoms can rearrange themselves in finite number of ways which may result in repetition of events and even people. Sounds like science fiction, right?

#7 Earth is not the only one

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Okay, if we think practically then earth cannot be the only one planet capable of life. Universe has billion trillions stars and even more planets and asteroids and satellites. So thinking that earth is the only planet that can afford life is stupid. According to some researches there are approximately 500 million planets in the universe that can support life. Wow!

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