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Free to Play Games You Have to Try

Gaming comes at a cost, a very high one indeed. From expensive consoles to gaming PCs that cost a few grand, not all of us can afford such costly hobbies. However, if you are just starting out and looking for some free-to-play games, we can help. Check out these free to play games that can help you level up and decide whether gaming is for you or if you should but that Xbox.

#1. Dota 2


Defence of the Ancient’s (DoTA) is based on the popular Warcraft III. This is a model free-to-play game that will keep a gamer hooked. This is one of the most popular FTP games in the gamer world. You pick a player and battle against the opposite team and bring down the enemy base via skilful tactics and manoeuvres.

#2. League of Legends

League of Legends

Image Source: flickr.com

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You can’t mention Dota without League of Legends, a game which is inspired by the original DOTA mod. The gamers are divided over both the games but you can just pick either if you are new to gaming. More advanced players can differentiate on various levels, but if you are a noob, you can try both.

#3. Marvel Heroes

Another Action RPG with a free-to-play version based on the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series. The game has a wide array of characters that you can unlock. If you are a Marvel fan, you must try this game. Even if you aren’t, still give it a try!

#4. Heroes of the Storm

This is Blizzard’s offering the similar genre. Heroes of the Storm has a lower skill ceiling than the former games but it is more approachable. However, the game is slightly more innovative and experimental. Gamers looking for something different should try this out.

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