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Fruits That Should Never be Eaten Together

We all know that fruits should always be consumed on an empty stomach and but did you know that sweet fruits such as bananas and figs shouldn’t be eaten with acidic fruits such as pineapples or strawberries. Here are 10 more fruits combinations that should never be eaten together.

#1. Orange and Carrots


Eating them separately would provide you with your daily dose of vitamin C & A but mix them together and you are in for a lot of heartburn and bile reflux. This combination is popular at places where they sell natural juices but must be avoided at all costs. It can cause heartburn as well as damage the renal system.

#2. Guava and Banana


Another combination that can lead you straight to bed with stomach-ache and headache. Eating banana and guava can cause acidosis and gas which makes one feel nauseous and heavy leading to stomach ache and headache.

#3. Orange and milk

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Orange and milk


Many people have their daily cereal or oatmeal with a glass of orange juice. But this isn’t a good practice because orange hinders the processing of starch present in cereal. Moreover, when it mixes with milk in your stomach, it causes difficulty in digestion.

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