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Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

You go anywhere you want to; one advice that will never stop following you is that you drink water, loads and loads of water. Let’s add something new to it, let’s add lemon. Now one may ask, why lemon? Here is to why: first of all, it is rich in nutrients like vitamin C, B-complex, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and fibers. It is obvious that a lemon provides you a lot of nutrients, but unfortunately it is not possible to eat lemon sole, because of two reasons- it’s hard on your enamel, and the second one being it’s extremely sour in taste. Therefore, the alternative- lemon water.

Now, since we’ve accomplished the base, let us discuss the benefits of drinking lemon water.

#1  A boost to your immune system

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Vitamin C is what we call the best shot for our immune system, and luckily it can be found in lemons, that too in a large amount. It is found that when we are stressed, the level of vitamin C plummets right down, which one can say is a fairly good time to have lemon water.

#2  Amazing source of potassium

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As mentioned earlier, lemons are abundant in nutrients like potassium. A fair amount of lemon water intake means good heart health together with brain and nerves function.

#3  Helps our digestive system

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If you are suffering with symptoms of indigestions like heartburn, bloating or burping, I suggest you drink lemon water. There is nothing that works better than lemon and is natural. It opens up the toxins in your digestive tract, thus making your digestive system strong.

#4  It freshens your breath

A natural ingredient that freshens your breath, one that you can find anywhere and is abundant in other nutrients- oh yes, lemon! Want to know more? It also relieves you from toothaches. (P.S. brush your teeth before drinking lemon water, or do not brush immediately after).

#5  Makes your skin blemish-free

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A secret to younger looking skin- lemon water. It not only keeps away blemishes but also reduces wrinkles. If you are worried about scars and age spots, just apply the water on the affected area and see the effect.

#6  Energy booster

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Lemon juice does many things, among which is that it provides you with energy. In fact, it begins its work as soon as it enters our digestive system. It also decreases our depression and anxiety levels. All in all, lemons have calming effects.

#7  It fights viral infections

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Lemon water, when it’s consumed warm, is the best solution for viral infections and sore throats. Moreover, lemon juice strengthens our immune system, so it keeps you safe from any further viral infections.

#8  Decrease in inflammation

If a person drinks lemon water on a daily basis, then it will decrease the acidity in their body. Acidity is mostly the reason for many diseases; it is the starting point for many. Plus, it removes uric acid from your joints, which happens to be the main cause of inflammation.

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