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Health Benefitting Facts About Beer

I am sure people around you would be taunting you most of the time for having those shots of beer. Lesser knowing the health uplifting benefits that one can hold if they had a beer, they would be saying the same old things again and again. It’s high time to ponder upon some of those facts that are hidden since time immemorial but should come in frontier so that beer didn’t remain as dire as everyone thinks it is. But again, of course, it has to be taken in moderation to take the maximum benefits out of it. Don’t forget, an excess of anything is bad.

#1.  Beer belly- a lie –

Beer belly- a lie

If you drink beer, your body fat will increase. Bullshit. There is no link between being obese and drinking beer. Being low in calories, beer always is a healthy drink.

#2. Bye-bye kidney stones –

Bye-bye kidney stones

Since the maximum amount of content in beer is water, daily consumption of it in moderation can help flux out the toxins, preventing the chances of having kidney stones.

#3. Having diabetes? Beer is here. –

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 Having diabetes? Beer is here

Increasing the insulin sensitivity, beer is reported to slow down the risk of having diabetes. Plus the good sources of fiber content in it, the healthy diet get a boost.

#4. Protect against Alzheimer’s disease-

Protect against Alzheimer’s disease

Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Studies were made and the result says that moderate consumption of beer reduces different kinds of dementia and cognitive impairment. Alzheimer’s disease is one of them.

#5. I heart beer-

I heart beer

Give your heart to beer and you’ll see beer giving heart to you. Finding funny? But believe me, beer is supposed to reduce the chances of heart attacks and other cardiovascular disorders.  Anti-oxidants, phenols play their part and protect the heart. But again, if you fall for beer completely, it will be hazardous to you. So beware!

#6. Helps to fight against cancer-

Helps to fight against cancer

Hops, commonly used in brewing beer contain a flavnoid compound, Xanthohumol that is been reported to have anti-cancer properties. It helps aid in prostate cancer especially.

#7.  Fairly maintain blood pressure-

Fairly maintain blood pressure

People that have issues with their blood pressure; going low, coming up and notoriously annoying you, take a pint of beer and get the issue sort. Studies have been conducted on a group of people and the result tells the same.

#8. Stronger bones, stronger you-

 Stronger bones, stronger you

The bone mass has been reported to increase in the people who admit that beer is in their routine. A sensible amount has the power to strengthen your bones.

#9. Want shining, lustrous hairs? Wash with beer. –


High yeast content because of fermentation and Vitamin B content levels are quite high in beer. So next time when you want to have a good hair day, wash them with a bottle of beer and see the result by yourself.

#10. You are going to live longer-

 You are going to live longer

A great stress buster, low in calories, low in carbohydrates, low in fat and no cholesterol- what else do you want to live longer? With no illness, you are going to see your grand children’s children play in your lawn.

So take that pint of beer responsibly and say Cheers!

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