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Health Benefitting Facts About Chocolates

Do you know anyone who doesn’t like chocolate and hate them literally? Well, I did not. And I guess you won’t too. Chocolates are so yummy that just taking the name makes the mouth watery. You all would be scolded many times by elders to not have chocolates and to limit its consumption, lesser knowing the facts how beneficial they are for our health. But hey, here we are talking about the dark chocolates and not about the white and milk ones. So just look a glance over the health benefitting facts about chocolates and go grab them all after reading this:

#1. Feeling less brainy? Get that dark piece-

Dark chocolates being imbibed with flavonoids, instantly helps to dilate blood vessels, thus providing more oxygen and blood to the brain. It not only helps to boost the brain system but also makes you work faster and quicker. Having a test tomorrow? Eat some of the chocolate and get good results. Period.

#2. Anti-aging product-

Yes you heard me right. The presence of a number of anti-oxidants in the dark chocolates helps in reversing the biological clock, making you look younger. Why wasting so much money on parlors and beauty products when you can just concentrate more on dark chocolates.

#3.  Eat chocolates; get slim-

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Contrary to what you have heard all your life. Isn’t it. But his fact has got its place in Journal Internal Medicine reporting that daily consumption of dark chocolates can reduce your body mass index (BMI) considerably. The study was done on a group of people and thus the stats were recorded and published.

#4. Having heart trouble? Get it sorted with chocolates-

Chocolates are not only reported to reduce the strokes but decrease the likelihood of heart attack too. Polyphenols play angel here. The presence of polyphenols in cocoa powder and dark chocolate lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise the level of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body. Antioxidants also play a positive role in doing so. It’s been reported that blood clumps in a slow rate in chocolate eaters, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders

#5.  Disease killing bullet-

Chocolates not only help combat cardiovascular diseases, but a number of other health affecting issues can be sorted out by them. You name it and I’ll prove it. Blood pressure issues, combating stress, diabetes, body inflammations, cough and cold, improving eye sights and not to forget cancer. Thanks to all flavanols, theobromine, anti-oxidant properties and pentameric procyanidin or pentamer that combat the spread of cancer cells that make chocolates a healthy option.

So congratulations my dear chocolate lovers. We can happily explain now that chocolates are no more a junk food. Getting the knowledge of sweet benefits that chocolate envelopes now one can relish then guilt-free. So the next time you parent admonish you from eating chocolates, direct them to this site and let share that one piece with them too. Let’s all of us of getting the benefits.

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