Historical Coincidences that will blow your mind

You know how sometimes something out of the ordinary happens and you think “Wow! What a coincidence!”. And then we move on from that incident. However, such coincidences happen very often and history bear witness to this randomness of the universe.

Here are some historical coincidences that will blow your mind.

#1. An identity crisis

During World War I, the British passenger ship RMS Carmania was converted into a battleship by the army. To escape enemy fire, it was disguised to look like SMS Trafalgar, a German ship. However, the Carmania sank a German ship in 1914 off the Brazilian coast. This sunken ship was the Trafalgar which had been disguised to look like the Carmania, the British ship.

#2. Chelyabinsk Meteor and 2012 DA14

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Here’s how two very rare events occurred one after the other. On February 15, 2013, an asteroid known as Chelyabinsk Meteor entered the Earth’s atmosphere and exploded in Ural region of Russia. This event became the largest known airburst since 1908 that caused a light brighter than the sun and sent a shockwave that was experienced by the entire region. It caused a large scale destruction to property and human lives. This was in fact the first time an asteroid had caused human loss.

Just 16 hours after the incident, another asteroid named 2012 DA14 came within the range of 27,700 Km of the earth’s surface. This was another rare occurrence. What’s interesting is that both these asteroids have completely different orbits and yet came so close to earth within a day.

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