How to Propose a Girl

We all know that proposing is easier said than done. All the anticipation and nervousness is just exhausting and nerve-wrecking. And if this was not enough you have to propose in such a way that actually makes a difference. Well, you need not worry about the latter because we have come up with different ways to propose your girl. All you have to so now is prepare and be brave.

Obviously it comes with prerequisite warnings. First, do not go around proposing any girl, purpose the girl you love and who loves you back and wants to marry you. Second,practice.

Now that you know the prerequisites, go ahead choose the perfect way.

#1  Propose with breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is always appreciated. It is considered to be a sweet gesture and also suggests that you’ll take care of her. So go ahead, prepare a hearty breakfast for her, don’t fuss over what to make; a simple breakfast would do. Just put your heart into it. Afterallit’s the thought that really counts.

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