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Important aspects to keep in mind for protecting your liver

Liver has a crucial role in our bodies. It filters and gets rid of all the toxins we may ingest, so it is a very efficient cleaner. Still, with the large variety of chemicals found in all the products on today’s food market, our liver starts having an extremely difficult job. There are many substances that can deteriorate the liver, causing liver illnesses and damaging its essential functions. And we cannot live without it, since all the toxins would accumulate in our body, making us ill and compromising our health. Thus, it is very important to know how to protect our liver and how to avoid the things that damage it. So, here are the worst enemies of your liver.

#1       Disorganized sleeping

Disorganized sleeping
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Thinking that if you stay up late, by simply sleeping more and getting up late as well, helps you get rested, you are wrong. There is a reason we get tired when night comes so that we can enjoy the right sleeping hours. By not having a proper sleeping schedule, allowing your body to rest as it should, we also exhaust our liver. The period when your body starts throwing out toxins is between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. So you should not skip sleeping during this interval. Thus, if you do not sleep properly, the toxins will not be eliminated correctly, being able to create problems for your health.

#2        Not going for number two in the morning

Not going for number two in the morning
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Most of us have the urge for urinating right after we wake up. And this is normal, as we need to eliminate all the toxins out body struggled to clean out while we were asleep. So by not doing so, you do yourself a very large harm. The highest quantity of toxins will always be in your bladder, and not eliminating them in time will cause unwanted issues, like a urinary tract infection.

#3        Indulging too much with food

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Indulging too much with food
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The more food we eat, the more work our liver has to perform. And if the food is also fried or fat, then the work doubles. Our liver has a sidekick, the bile, which produces a necessary substance to help out decomposing the food. Now, when we eat too much, our bile is overwhelmed and may not have the possibility of producing enough juices. Also, the liver will be overworked, not being able to detox us appropriately. So try to avoid any excess eating.

#4         Stop consuming alcohol

Stop consuming alcohol
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No matter how fun or relaxing it would be to drink alcoholic beverages, they put a lot of stress on our liver. Yes, out liver can process alcohol, but only in small amounts. Thus, men should not exceed two drinks and women should only stick to one. Too much alcohol will just destroy the liver’s tissue. Hepatitis and cirrhosis can be some of the illnesses that can be developed, due to excessive use of alcohol. Thus, it is best to stay away from alcohol.

#5        Excessive medication   

 Excessive medication
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When we are sick, it is highly understandable that we have to respect a particular medication, but only prescribed by the doctor and only in the indicated quantities. We should try to avoid to self-medicate for any issue that might appear. You are not doing any prevention if you keep popping pills for every small discomfort. Medications are useful for a purpose, by have many side-effects as well. They are filled with chemicals that will affect our liver, so it is not recommended at all to abuse them. And since there are many drugs you can get over the counter, do some medical tests first if you feel something is wrong and look for natural and alternative medicine solutions, before taking the decision to take medicines, for the sake of your liver.

#6       The consumption of processed foods and synthetic compounds

The consumption of processed foods and synthetic compounds
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The food market is filled with all types of highly processed foods. Almost everything packed in a bag contains preservatives, chemicals, flavors, coloring, artificial sweeteners and many more. All these substances pass through our liver, as they are filtered by our organism. So they just add up to the daily stress the liver has to face. For its protection, try eating as natural as possible and cook your food at home. Try to avoid frying as much as possible and prepare the food gently, without overexposing it to heat. A natural diet will always be easy for our liver to handle, and it also have nigh nutritional values for our body.

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