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Interesting facts about the human body

The human body is an intricate and incredibly complex system that still continues to baffle researchers despite the countless years of medical know-hows. And hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our body parts with which we deal everyday have numerous unexplained and interesting facts behind them. Here are some of the mysterious wacky facts pertaining to the human body.

  1. Human brain is more active during night than at day time. Scientists yet haven’t comprehended the reason behind it.
  2. The higher is your IQ, the more likely it is that you dream.
  3. Compared to any other part of the body, your facial hair overgrows much faster.
  4. The middle finger nail has a tendency to grow faster than all other fingernails.
  5. Human hair lifespan on an average lies between three to seven years.
  6. The acid contained inside your stomach is quite strong and is even capable of dissolving zinc. But it does not destroy the stomach as the stomach walls keep on renewing themselves constantly.
  7. Women’s hearts are said to beat much faster than that of men’s.
  8. Women blink their eyes twice the times men do.
  9. Women are born with the ability of smelling better than men and they remain as such throughout their lives.
  10. There is approximately some 6.8 liters of blood in a man’s body while a women’s body contains merely 5 liters.
  11. Men can burn fats at the rate of 50 calories per day. For women it’s quite slower.
  12. Largest cell in human body is female egg while the smallest one is male sperm.
  13. In your entire lifetime, the amount of saliva you produce is more than enough to fill in two swimming pools.
  14. If you eat up too much, your hearing becomes less sharp.
  15. Men get erections every hour or an hour and a half while on sleep. The combination of testosterone production and blood circulation is an essential part of REM sleeping which is the cause behind such frequent erections.
  16. When babies are born, they have blue eyes. Melanin content in their eyes require time for getting entirely deposited or darkened by the UV light to uncover the baby’s real eye color.
  17. If your saliva is incapable of mixing or dissolving with food, your taste buds simply cannot identify the flavors. You may try tasting something with a dried out tongue.
  18. Even a small amount of noise can cause your pupils to dilate.
  19. Every human being has a unique finger print, unique tongue print and unique smell.
  20. Exposing yourself to even moderately sever sunburns can burn up blood vessels quite extensively.
  21. Humans are around a centimeter taller than what they are in the evenings.
  22. Your eyes maintain the same size as during birth, but your ears and nose never cease to stop growing.
  23. Human tongue is the strongest muscle of the body.
  24. Jaw bone is the hardest bone of the human body.
  25. Your feet and hands contain half the total amount of bones in your entire body.
  26. Outer skin of humans is shed and re grown in every 27 days.
  27. Every minute, over 300 million cells die and 300 billion new cells are produced everyday by an adult.
  28. The chances of you getting a nightmare while sleeping in a colder room is quite higher.
  29. Babies can see white and black colors during birth. They are blind to all other colors.
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