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The Most Intriguing Futuristic Medical Breakthroughs

For the Gen X the future has turned out quite different. We don’t see any flying cars nor have we faced an invasion from machines yet. So, is this as far as it goes?

Certainly not! Medical technology hasn’t let us down. With its futuristic inventions, we have something to look forward to in the near future (flying cars maybe?).  Until then, take a look at these intriguing and futuristic medical breakthroughs.

#1.  Google Eye Implant

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Continuing its innovative streak, the world’s most preferred search engine Google is working on a project called Google Contact Lens that can be implanted in one’s eye and replaces the natural lens in order to correct poor vision. It bonds to the eye with the same material as a soft contact lens. The lens also has various other medical applications such as recording glucose levels of diabetic patients, reading blood pressure of glaucoma patients as well as checking and accounting the wearer’s vision. However, it is still too early to predict when it will be out in the market but a patent has already been filed and clinical trials have proven successful.

#2.  Artificial skin

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Very soon, age will just be a number (quite literally!). Scientist Robert Langer at MIT has developed a “second skin” which he calls XPL (cross linked polymer layer). This is a very thin material that imitates the appearance of a youthful skin. However, the effect only lasts a day. At the same time, professor Chao Wang at the University of California Riverside is working on an even intricate futuristic polymer material. This polymer is said to possess self-healing properties at room temperature.

#3.  Injectable Brain Mesh

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Researchers at Harvard University have developed a polymer mesh that can be injected into the brain wherein it can meld with actual brain tissues. This technology has the potential to wire the brain in just one injection. It is predicted that the mesh can enable monitoring of an individual neuron in near future as well as provide solutions for disorders such as stroke or Parkinson’s disease. The electrically conductive mesh is also expected to provide a better understanding of cognitive functions as well as emotions.

#4.  Ghost Hearts

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You must have already heard about 3D printers and how they can be used to print body parts. But this one is different from them. The technique involves using only organic materials and sounds straights out of a sci-fi movie. Here’s how a ghost heart is created: the heart of an animal is taken and soaked in a chemical bath that eliminates and destroys every cell except the protein. This empty heart is now known as a “ghost heart”. This empty heart can now be implanted into a patient’s stem cells and act as a real heart.

#5.  Bioabsorbable Grafts

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The stents and grafts inserted into a patient’s arteries to remove blockage have often lead to complications. However, this can now be solved by bioabsorbable vascular grafts. The study was conducted on 5 young patients that didn’t have some required connections in their hearts. The needed connections were created by inserting an advanced material that lets the body to replicate that structure.

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