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Make a difference between the aggravating headaches that are bothering you

Headaches are never welcomed, no matter what type they are. You probably experienced different kinds of headaches throughout your life, none of them being pleasant, of different intensity and feeling. According to the way the headache is manifesting, and if it is accompanied by other symptoms as well, a medical issue can be pointed out. People that have trouble with their eyesight, with sinuses, tension, or get stressed easily, are the ones that will suffer most often from headaches. Still, these headaches are mild to moderate, and it is known the cause that triggered them. The issue comes in the case of acute and severe headaches, especially if they come along with other problems, like vomiting or vertigos. Here is how you can set them apart, to know what you’re dealing with.

#1.       The thunderclap aches


If you go by their name, you can tell what type of pain is this. You will feel the pain like lightening striking, meaning that every 60 seconds a pain peak will take place. Typically, these pains do not last more than an hour, decreasing slowly until they completely fade away. But there are severe cases when they can even last for an entire week. Associated with bleeding inside the head, it is highly advisable to get medical help and do some tests to see what is causing this headache, as your life might be at significant risk.

#2.       Headaches following and injury

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An injury to the head most often does cause a headache. Called by doctors a post-traumatic headache, it usually passes in just a couple of minutes after the injury, or in a couple of days, if the damage was more severe. Still, do keep in mind that even the smallest hit to the head can cause internal bleeding. Thus, if you suffer a head injury, you need to ask for medical help immediately. Also, if the post-traumatic headaches, instead of fading away, they do not go away and even grow in intensity, then it is mandatory to get yourself checked out.

#3.       Walking can make a headache worse

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Did you have the feeling that everything you make a step your headache is getting worse? Probably in these situations you would have liked to float, or at least not to move. It is those type of headaches that come with you to sleep at night, but don’t go away when you wake up. And the worse part, besides being so insistent, they are also even higher in intensity. Only sitting straight or walking can cause you pain, nausea, and even vomiting. If a regular painkiller does not help you feel better, you need to see a doctor, because these persistent and severe headaches may indicate a tumor.

#4.       Dealing with the worst headache ever

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We all have a moment in our life when we feel that a headache we are experiencing is the worst ever. It is driving you insane and makes you act like the worse person on the planet. And it is understandable because in such moments you just want to hide somewhere, alone and suffer. What makes it so dangerous is that even lying down will not make it do away. A rigid neck will also accompany the pain. Light in the room will become unbearable, nausea, vomiting and being confused are also present. Medical attention is a must because the pain is caused by a ruptured aneurysm. This is not fatal, and can be cured, but it must be done in a timely manner.

#5.       Headaches that appear all of a sudden

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These are the ones that stuck unannounced. You may feel fine and in the next minute to feel a massive headache, together with a sense of losing balance, a difficulty in walking and even seeing, with both eyes or with just one. Also, you may experience numbness in one side of the body, in your limbs, or even weakness in the area of your face. All these signs are not good at all because they can indicate the occurring of a heart stroke or attack. Thus, immediately get to a doctor or call an ambulance, as this may get serious.

#6.       The awkward type of a headache

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If you don’t know how a weird headache is, you should be aware that there are some indicators that will help you identify it. How bad it is, where it is located and its frequency, may all be facts that will indicate an unusual headache. In some cases, these headaches take place when you least expect, like after making sex, jogging, or working out in the gym. They may also increase in intensity, as you experience them, making it hard for you to speak or even see well. Severe symptoms occur when you have memory losses, feel confused, and meet difficulties in moving your body’s extremities with the same easiness like before, indication a low mobility and coordination. In these cases, a visit to the doctor’s office is crucial, to check out if there is anything serious about your health.

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