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Mangoes and its Benefits

I am not a big fan of summer. All this fuss about the sun and the beaches is beyond me. Summer brings with it scorching heat and sweat. There are some things, though, that summer has done right- fruits! Watermelons, litchis and mangoes!! But we are here to talk about mangoes. They are the perfect fruit and come in a hundred different varieties. They make for the perfect dessert and act as ingredients to some of the best dishes and sweets/desserts. But the amazing thing about this amazing fruit is that it also comes with not one but many health benefits.

#1.  The Cholesterol Fighter-

The Cholesterol Fighter

Image Source: Flickr

So mango is rich in vitamin C, fibers and pectin which keep cholesterol in check. Like bananas, fresh mangoes are also rich in potassium, and well, we all know how potassium regulates heart rate and blood pressure. No? Well, now you do. You’re welcome.

#2.  Cancer-fighting King of Fruits-

Cancer-fighting King of Fruits

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Image Source: Flickr

Some researchers have found that antioxidants like astragalin, gallic acid, quercetin, methylgallat and isoquercitrin helps prevent multiple forms of cancer. And what do you know, all these antioxidants are found in mangoes. So eat, eat away, my friends!

#3.  Magic weight-loss fruit-


Magic weight-loss fruit

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I bet you didn’t know that mango burns calories. It is rich in fibers, which helps keep our digestive system updated (wink) and vitamins. It also acts as dessert. So that’s a win-win situation, I guess.


#4.  Mango, oops, Tango your way to Healthy skin-

Mango, oops, Tango your way to Healthy skin

Image Source: Flickr

You heard me! Mango and healthy skin, together, in one sentence. It adds freshness to the face and helps in unclogging the pores, so no acne! But for that you’ll have to put slices of mangoes on your face for a few minutes (sorry to disappoint, but no eating). Best part, though, it suits all skin-types.

#5.  Immunity Booster-

Immunity Booster

Image Source: Flickr

Vitamin C, Vitamin A and various kinds of (count 25) caretonoids literally makes mango a superfruit. The combination of all these nutrients immunes your immunity system.

#6.  High on Iron-


High on Iron

Image Source: Flickr

Mango is high on iron, which is good for anybody suffering from anemia. Pregnant women and women going through menopause, get your hands on as many mangoes as you can, because ladies, let me tell you, iron is good.

#7.  Eye Doctor-


Eye Doctor

Image Source: Flickr

Well, not exactly a doctor, but mango does have a high amount of vitamin A in it, as I have pointed out earlier; and well, we all have been taught since we were in primary school that Vitamin A is good for your eyes. Do I need to explain myself any further?

If these aren’t reasons enough for you to go and have mangoes right now, are you really human? But if you really think about it, do you even need a reason to get your hands on mangoes?

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