Mangoes and its Benefits

I am not a big fan of summer. All this fuss about the sun and the beaches is beyond me. Summer brings with it scorching heat and sweat. There are some things, though, that summer has done right- fruits! Watermelons, litchis and mangoes!! But we are here to talk about mangoes. They are the perfect fruit and come in a hundred different varieties. They make for the perfect dessert and act as ingredients to some of the best dishes and sweets/desserts. But the amazing thing about this amazing fruit is that it also comes with not one but many health benefits.

#1.  The Cholesterol Fighter-

The Cholesterol Fighter

Image Source: Flickr

So mango is rich in vitamin C, fibers and pectin which keep cholesterol in check. Like bananas, fresh mangoes are also rich in potassium, and well, we all know how potassium regulates heart rate and blood pressure. No? Well, now you do. You’re welcome.

#2.  Cancer-fighting King of Fruits-

Cancer-fighting King of Fruits

Image Source: Flickr

Some researchers have found that antioxidants like astragalin, gallic acid, quercetin, methylgallat and isoquercitrin helps prevent multiple forms of cancer. And what do you know, all these antioxidants are found in mangoes. So eat, eat away, my friends!

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