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Music having the ability to repair brain damage and bring back old memories!!

The contemporary research suggests that music could play a vital role to help patients recover from strokes, Alzheimer’s and brain injury. It is on the left part of the brain that the language as well as the capability to create conversation is located. The right brain is concerned with the melody interpretation and music. But registering the music tones engages various parts of brain which overlap. One of them is the hippocampus that merges information from the short term memory and long term memory. Hippocampus allows the emotions, attitudes and memories linked with certain part of music to be recalled back when listened to. For recovery, this particular enhanced brain activity is very important.

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Neuroscience studies also say that the music holds the power to help those who are partially able to speak or see.  Individuals who suffer from damage to the left portion of the brain lack the ability to converse. But since music stimulates right portion of the brain, individuals who face speech difficulties are able to converse through the songs says Gottfried Schlaug who is the neurology’s associate professor at the Harvard Medical School. At the Northwestern University the Director of Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory Nina Kraus also agrees to it that the music has the power to recover. She states that when individuals talk to babies and initially learn to talk themselves, they make use of music patterns in one’s own speech.

With the help of therapy one’s brain is trained for left and right movement functions across, individuals could regain their complete speech ability. Music also helps in the release of chemical dopamine present in human body which serves to help the brain function better, specially in case it has suffered from trauma. Scientists like Darwin guessed the musical ability to have been developed long before language also. Music holds the ability to bring back the lost memories of people back. Kenny Rogers Effect takes individuals with the inability to recognize even half of what viewed by them and visual neglect to lighten up their effect.  Moving on to discuss the exact working of music, the melodic intonation therapy otherwise singing till being able to talk makes use of fact of the different locations where language and music are stored in the brain. By making use of the different function that are carried by the different parts of the brain, one could succeed to get back one’s lost memory. By making use of the chemical dopamine, the brain is then able to recover up the damage it has suffered and regain the past memories. Since without making use of any chemical compound one can restore back one’s damaged brain and recollect the old memories by simply listening to music, it is advised by researchers to devote time listening to music instead of taking up any serious surgery or any medication. Besides being restored back the memory, an individual is also able to achieve peace and content of mind on account of the smoothness of music.


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