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Mysterious places on earth

Almost everyone must have heard about Bermuda Triangle along with its mysterious surroundings. Theories related to this place range from sensible to plainly ridiculous facts; but whatever it may be the time wraps, the plain paranoia or the alien abductions; the place most certainly abounds in strangeness. However, this is not the solitary place that has creepy things occurring every now and then; there are numerous other regions on Earth having their share of mysterious events.

Lake Anjikuni- Dissatisfied by the fact of disappearance of very few individuals, Lake Anjikuni has taken ambiguity to an entirely new level by providing for the disappearance of a complete village. Some other versions of stories even report bizarre lights coming from atop the lake during that time of vanishing.

The Devil’s Sea- Riddled with strangest happenings is the Dragon’s Triangle in the Pacific Ocean. This particular claims countless unexplained phenomena that include inexplicable objects and lights, magnetic anomalies and mysterious disappearances. Japanese fishing authorities have even marked it as one of the dangerous regions of the area.

Bridgewater Triangle- Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, this place is thought of as a home ground for several paranormal activities and supernatural phenomena. The area has witnessed so many mysterious and weird creatures like hairy and tall ape like beasts roaming freely around the swamp. It is even a hot spot for numerous UFO sightings and other inexplicable objects such as mysterious black helicopters.

Bennington Triangle- This place in Southwestern Vermont claims to have vanished around 5 to 10 people without sporting the slightest of clues. Many theories have come up like the presence of big foot monsters, aliens and unknown serial killers, but none of them are backed by any scientific evidence.

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Michigan Triangle- A site of unexplained aircraft and land disappearances, this particular location sited in the center of the Lake Michigan is believed to be a locale of UFO sightings and ghost ships. Several incidents like appearance of strange looking creatures, time standing still, slowing down or speeding up, unexplained vanishings and unusual happenings have been reported from this area.

Point Pleasure- There was one large red eyed creature during the sixties that features large moth like wings known to be the ‘Mothman’. This terrifying weird creature had the structure of one 7 foot man with glowing red eyes, 10 feet long wings and a broad chest. Several other paranormal activities and UFO sightings have also surfaced on this place in West Virginia.

Bigelow Ranch- Also known as Sherman Ranch and Skinwalker Ranch, this 480 acre land in Northwestern Utah is home to innumerable animal mutilations, UFO sightings and lot of other mystifying happenings like inter dimensional vortexes or portals and floating light balls.

South Atlantic Anomaly- Situated off the Brazilian coast, this area is most popularly called the Bermuda Triangle of Space. The site is held responsible for the various problems occurring with spacecrafts and satellites; for messing up with their programs and disrupting their operational functions. The increasingly high levels of radiation that have accumulated in this anomaly are suspected to be reason such weird happenings.

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