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Perfect Gifts for Your Music Lover Friend

We all have that one friend whose headphones are always on and the one who is always giving out music suggestions. Well, thanks to them, you might have an amazing playlist by now. So, Christmas season around, it’s your turn to do something for them. Check out these perfect gifts for your music-loving friend that are bound to put a smile on their faces.

#1. Headphones/ Speakers


A music lover never compromises on sound quality, in fact sound quality is of utmost importance when it comes to listening to your favourite artists. Every music aficionado has at least one set of headphones to deliver the best music experience. And if your friend doesn’t or is planning to purchase them, why not just gift them? You can gift them high-quality headphones that ensure good audio reproduction or noise- cancelling headphones that can allow them to listen to their bands or mixtapes in peace without being disturbed by the outside environment. Or, you can gift them god quality speakers that focus on every dynamic of the music including bass.

#2. A Turntable

A Turntable

If your friend is a fan of vinyl, which most people are, consider gifting him a turntable. Earlier, you would have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy a decent turntable while the cheaper ones would just damage your records. However, these days there are various options available these days so that you don’t have to exceed your budget while trying to pick a good turntable.

#3. A record frame

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record frame

If your friend has at least one signed record, then this is the perfect gift for him/her. Nobody would want to see their favourite record being damaged by creases, so a record frame would serve an ideal gift to hold that prized possession. Not only will your friend thank you for this, they’ll remember you every time they look at the frame hanging nicely in their room.

#4. T-shirt/ Hoodies

If your music-lover friend is all about a band or artist, why not give him something wearable such as a T-shirt of hoodie featuring his favourite artist or band. If you can get even more creative, you can also create funky pillow or cushion covers that he can put in his room. You can also make a wall art of assorted T-shirts from a thrift store or keep it simple by getting a plain hoodie or tee printed.

#5. An instrument

An instrument

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If your friend loves jam sessions, you know what to give him! An instrument will certainly spread a smile across their faces and they might even jam for you! Free music show, you see! You don’t have to burn through your savings to buy an expensive instrument. It can be anything small or if they have been wanting something for a long time. This can include a USB keyboard that can be plugged into PC, portable drums such as djembes or bongos so that they can have an open-air session at a coffee house. Or, you can gift something inexpensive such as shekeres, claves, harmonicas or tambourines.

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