PIZZA PREVENTS CANCER! Find out What More It Does To You.

Pizza, the only dish which has no time or occasion. You have it for dinner, lunch, breakfast, anytime and anywhere. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t like pizza, of course who would dislike such a delicacy! But have you ever wondered what it does to your health? You sure must be knowing that it is NOT a healthy food, it is junk. To what extent does it harm you? OR does it really harm you? Read below to see what pizza can do to your body. 

Pizza, originally from Italy, is a baked flatbread with delicious toppings of vegetables, meant, sauces and cheese. The bread is made of yeast. 


HAPPY NEWS FOR THE PIZZA LOVERS! Recently a report from Italy has said that frequent pizza eaters have low incidence of cardiovascular disease and digestive tract cancer.So basically it saves you from cancer. The Iycopene content in the different sauces used for pizza protects a person from various cancers. 3315 patients suffering from tumour in digestive system was compared to 5000 people suffering other problems. Researchers find out that ones who ate pizza twice a week tend to have 59 percent LESS chances of cancer of the oesophagus, 34 per cent lower risk of throat cancer and are 26 per cent less likely to get colon cancer. 3315 patients suffering from tumour in digestive system was compared to 5000 people suffering other problems. 

This delicacy has become popular over the world, in every corner. However, due to its mass popularity and production it is criticized for having unhealthy balance of ingredients. Reports say that it has a high content of fat and sodium which can have negative effect on health.  The worst part about this is that in today’s busy world pizzas come as frozen ready to cook form. That is even more dangerous for health. It has joined the junk food chain and can cause you obese problems and stomach upset too.

So basically it depends from where you buy your pizza. Make sure that your pizza is made with proper and original ingredients. Adulterated pizzas cause a lot of pain. If it saves you from cancer, it can give you other health problems. You have to be careful about the amount of consumption. Keep it balanced and healthy. 

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