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Psychological Hacks to Make People Like you

Does a room filled with people fill you with anxiety? Or making new friends is quite a difficult task for you? Well, for most adults it is and the older you get, the more difficult it gets. So how do you make friends or make people like you in the first meeting itself? Take a look at these psychological hacks to make people like you.

#1. Encourage People to talk about Themselves

Encourage People to talk about Themselves

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According to Harvard neuroscientist Diana Tamir, “self-disclosure is extra rewarding”. when people talk about themselves, they get the same pleasure sensation as triggered by money and food. So encourage people to talk about themselves if you want to appear more friendly and ask questions and give feedback in between to show you are interested and listening.

#2. Ask for Advice

Ask for Advice

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Asking for advice is a powerful way to make people warm up to you. It is a surprisingly easy technique to influence people when one lacks authority especially when meeting new people. Asking for advice encourages greater cooperation and makes the other person become more involved. It is a great technique for impressing your boss, superiors or subordinates.

#3. Repeat the last three words

Active listening is very important while building rapport or relationships. But it is not always possible and the ind does get distracted. So how does one do it without concentrating too much? It’s easy! Simply repeat the last three words they said. By parroting their last words in a questioning or sympathetic tone, you are throwing the conversation ball back to their court and they will be encouraged to talk more. It means you were listening and are interested in what they have to say.

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