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After Reading This ,You’ll Never Look at Bananas the Same Way Again!

Bananas, the fruit that comes in its very own wrapper, is healthy and nutritious and tastes delicious. That’s what most people know about bananas and I find that odd since bananas are one of the more widely known and eaten fruits of its kind.

There are many interesting facts about the world around us and bananas are no exception. After reading this article, you will know more about bananas than you ever did and you will never look at bananas the same way again.

#1. Bananas are naturally radioactive!



That’s right, the venerable banana is one of nature’s most radioactive fruits. They contain Potassium 40 which is a radioactive isotope.

#2. Bananas could be wiped out!

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Bananas are a perfect clone of each other and ultimately one source of banana plants found in Southeast Asia. This fact, means that if you could wipe out one plant, you could effectively wipe them all out. That would mean no more bananas forever!

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