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Reasons why you are waking up in the middle of the night, every night

Stress is probably the biggest killers in our age. It has creeped up silently into our lives thanks to the extremely gig-oriented economy and the extreme professionalism people look for in others, thanks to said economy.

And moreover, thanks to this and the evil known as the five-day work-week, one can only hope for respite and sleep to reinvigorate them, late at night and on weekends.

And it is true, sleep has become of the essence for a large part of the younger populace, and it has become a trend, that many young people are sacrificing their social lives for some precious hours of sleep.


But as they say, the ones that love you are the ones that hurt you the most, in the end. And for these hardworking, stressed, young people, it is quite the same.

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They simply cannot sleep unhindered, for long stretches. They tend to wake up in the middle because of one reason or another.

Now, this might be voluntary or involuntary. Anyway, it is a serious problem and more often than not, tends to make people fall sick.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why:

#1. Premature aging

This might sound strange, but yes, the more you age, at least till a certain age, you tend to need lesser and lesser sleep. Babies need the most amount of sleep, with juveniles coming second. 50-year olds tend to get the least amount of sleep.

Sleeping Baby

If you find yourself waking up too often during the night, it might be because you are experiencing stress-induced bouts of aging.

#2. Anxiety/Depression/BPD

Well, need we speak more on this? Triggers can cause the strongest of us mental patients to break down, and just cry. It is also enough to make us not sleep either, as we battle through our issues in dreams.


Image Source: Flickr

With proper help and/or prescribed medication, things do get better, do not be afraid to seek it.

#3. Fluid-related issues

too much water
This may sound strange, but too much water in your system can cause sleeplessness. This happens to two kinds of people: people with hormonal issues whose bodies retain more water than they should and people, who drink too much water; and yes, strange as it may sound, that is a thing.

As far as sleep is concerned, too much water is equal to more urination. The regular bathroom runs are only good when you have the strength to get there.

#4. Overuse of cell-phones

Too much screen time, tires eyes out of all moisture and you just end up not sleeping as a result. Besides this, there are myriad ill-effects to your health that too much use of a mobile phone can do. And given the way we have grown dependent on these things, it is very serious, as a reason.

overuse of cellphone

Besides these, you might have sleep apnoea, or worse, you might be suffering from night paralysis, which gives you horrifying visual dreams, during which you cannot move or twitch even.

But the most common reason is obviously stress and overtiring yourself. These are things you can obviously work on and try and curtail.

Stay well-rested and healthy.


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