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How to Stay Calm Under Stress at Work

Staying calm is not easy and staying calm at work is especially difficult. With deadlines getting shorter, staying connected 24*7 and changing office dynamics comes a lot of stress. And very often, employees succumb to it or feel they are burning out at a young age. So, how does one get through a nagging boss or a whining colleague without losing their cool?

Here is how to stay calm under stress at work and stay focused and calm.

#1. Write but don’t send

Write but don’t send

Writing can be highly cathartic. When you put your feelings into words, you can feel like you are actually confronting the person and the best part- they cannot reply because you are in control here. However, make sure that you don’t send these angry letters or emails to anyone or the person concerned. Permanently delete that email or shred that piece of paper to get rid of the evidence. Make paper planes out of those angry letters and set them on fire. You will see how effective it is in reducing your stress.

#2. Eliminate stressful thoughts

Eliminate stressful thoughts

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Generally, it doesn’t happen at once. You will probably not be overwhelmed by one little thing but an accumulation of little things that build up overtime and then cause a scene later. If the same happens with you, you can learn to eliminate these thoughts in a systematic manner.  Try taking deep breaths whenever you are upset by a situation such as a meeting gone wrong or criticism from your boss. Just think of the stressful situation, take deep breaths and exhale imagining the stress is leaving your body. Do it as many times as needed during your work day.

#3. Vent to a trusted colleague

Vent to a trusted colleague

Most of us have at least one confidant in office, the person who will listen to all the events that went wrong with you. Discussing your problems with them can be useful as it will get the frustration out. However, make sure you are outside the earshot of other colleagues, which rules out the possibility of your office cubicle.

#4. Take a break

Take a break

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Breathing might not always solve the problems. There are times when things will be beyond your control such as being passed up for promotion or seeing someone else take the credit for your work. What do you do then? Take a break! From everything- from your colleagues, boss, emails and office. Go outside the office, grab a coffee or sit in a nearby park or do whatever relaxes you.

#5. Focus on solutions

Focus on solutions

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This isn’t a one stop solution. This comes with practise and discipline. Overtime you will have to learn to become a solution oriented person, no matter how tough the circumstances are or how stressful the situation might be. Be intent on finding a solution. Shift your approach from problem focus to solution focus. The moment you stop seeing problems is when you will notice your stress levels going down. To do this, you will first have to develop a core image of yourself. How do you see yourself? And this should include a calm and solution oriented person. So, every day make attempts to become that person.

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