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The top 10 unhealthiest foods available out there, marketed as healthy foods

It is really a struggle when having to buy foods. The supermarket are filled with a wide variety of them but are they healthy? Most likely not, as they were highly processed, and a wide range of preservatives and additives are used to make them last of the shelves and give them an excellent taste. So yes, they might be incredibly delicious, but not necessarily because of the ingredients it contain, as this job is done by the taste enhancers. And since we have to pick the bad from the worse, let see which the unhealthiest foods one can eat are, and try to get them out of our menu, especially since they are marketed as being healthy.

#1   Veggie burgers

Veggie burgersImage Source

While you may think that you opted for a healthier version of the traditional meat burger, you may have a surprise. It does contain fewer calories indeed, but when it comes to quality, this one is also packed with chemicals and preservatives. Most producers use a lot of soy and other fillers to make the veggie burger look very much like a burger, and not to mention all the toppings they use to give it a delicious taste, which are chemical bombs as well.

#2   The so-called sports drinks

The so-called sports drinks
Image Source

Every TV channel has its portion of sports drinks commercial, advertising just how great they can support a person that is working out, by hydrating and offering the needed amount of energy. They do contain a lot of electrolytes, like potassium and sodium, which support the internal processes of the body, but they are also food booby traps. Beware though that these are caloric bombs, and if you are not the type of person working out until you drop, these drinks might get you on the obese side. Not to mention that they are filled with colorants, to make them more appealing.

#3   The scrumptious bran muffins

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The scrumptious bran muffins
Image Source

Advertised as being an excellent option for breakfast, these do contain a considerable amount of sugars, which may lead to a heavier self. If you may think that a muffin is better than a donut, think again. You may be surprised to find out that there is no difference between them, as they both contain a lot of sugars and fat. Not to mention that if you are going to order one in a restaurant, you will get an extra-large portion, with jam or butter topping, which only makes them even unhealthier. You should best cook your own, and control the type of ingredients and sugars you put in the recipe.

#4   Smoothies


Another food-slash-beverage promoted as being the best replacement for your meals. But is it really a smart choice? If you get those pre-mixed versions, you find in stores, or the powdered types that you can mix with water and milk, you may be stunned if you look at the sugar content on their label. Promoted to be healthy and keep your belly full for a good while, all they do is give you a lot of sugars, flavors, and fats, with a very low content of fibers. Thus, it is best if you make your own smoothie, mixing fresh ingredients and no sugar.

#5   Dried fruits

Dried fruits
Image Source

Now, you may wonder what can be so bad about them since they are fruits after all. Since you may hear that it is best to opt for dried fruits instead of junk food, like chips and biscuits, the reality can be a different one. To make them last longer on the shelves of stores, producers pack them with artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Not to mention that banana chips are very often fried, very much like potato chips. And since dried fruits come in bite size, you will be tempted to eat more. So do get a fresh fruits if you wish to enjoy a healthy and tasty snack.

#6   Products that are fat-free

Products that are fat-free
Image Source

Or at least that’s what their labels are saying. It is not very wise to go completely fat-free in the beginning since our body needs them as well. Still, using healthy sources of fat, like avocados and salmon meat, will ensure that we have a balanced diet. And, concerning the fat-free products, they are all a hoax. They may be fat-free, but they are packed with preservatives, chemicals, flavors, coloring and others, as the results of massive processing.

#7   Energy bars

 Energy bars
Image Source

Promoted as being the best snacks you can have, in-between meals, to replenish your energy amounts, these bars are filled with white flour, saturated fats, and a lot of sugars. With other words, they are totally unhealthy. And you can’t even have them for their fiber content since they don’t contain as many. So all you get by eating these bars is a significant portion of calories.

#8   Cereals, including the ones with grain content

Cereals, including the ones with grain content
Image Source

To avoid the cereals that have too many sugars, you probably chosen the version with grains. You may be satisfied with the choice you made, but keep on reading. Most cereals out there lose their nutritional properties due to food processing methods and have, instead, a lot of sugar. Granola can be a better option, as it contains more fibers and fewer sugars. Still, they do have a lot of fats, so you may wish to consume them with care.

#9   Low-fat milk

Again, a false presumption that you may make the best choice for your health. But skim milk is by far healthier since many producers use powdered milk to make it taste more milk like, which leads to the production of cholesterol. Low-fat milk is in its essence a sugary drink, and you will enjoy more benefits for your health if you get whole milk. A lot of essential vitamins are in whole milk, so this time forget about the lighter version.

#10   Diet soda

Diet soda
Image Source

Now this is probably the biggest myth of all foods. The only benefit of diet sodas is that it may be consumed by the persons suffering from diabetes. For the rest of us, these beverages bring no benefits whatsoever. They are portions made out of chemicals, dyes, preservatives, flavors, and many more, giving us no nutritional value or advantages for our health. They are even unhealthier than the sugary versions. The only way to go healthy is take any soda, including the diet one, completely out of your diet.

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