The weirdest things your body does without you even knowing, while you sleep

#4     You feel like falling

Ever felt like falling out of bed, right after falling asleep, being woken up by involuntary spasms of your muscles, in an attempt to attenuate the imaginative fall? It is the way your body relaxes and gets prepared for going on standby, and it is called a hypnotic pulse. Everybody experiences it since the body’s functions drop in such a degree that your brain interprets it as a fall.

#5     Your eyes move chaotically

If you ever catch anyone in the deepest state of sleep, you will see his or her eyes move rapidly and chaotically under the closed eyelids. This is happening to you two when you sleep. It is because of REM, or rapid eye movement stage, which usually occurs at the end of the sleeping process. It is said that if you don’t wake up before this phase, you will feel more refreshed and rested in the morning.

#6    The lust and sexual desire grow during sleep

The lust and sexual desire grow during sleep

Image source:Deviant Art

It explains why men have erections during sleep and why women experience erotic dreams. The explanation lies in the fact that our brain is most active during the REM stage. Thus, it needs more oxygen to function. And while blood is rushing through our body in search for oxygen, it reaches our extremities, pumping blood in our sexually sensitive areas as well.

#7    Flatulence may be unavoidable

This may be an aspect you wouldn’t feel comfortable about it, but you are more likely to produce gasses while sleeping. If during the day this aspect is controllable, during the night the sphincter relaxes so much that you won’t even feel when something might escape. But don’t worry, you and your spouse will be sleeping so well that your sense of smell is inactivated. So most probably not one will ever notice that happening.

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