The weirdest things your body does without you even knowing, while you sleep

#8    The body will jerk involuntarily

 The body will jerk involuntarily

Probably you were woken up by your spouse, who started shaking while sleeping. This may have happened to you too since it is a common occurrence while we sleep. 70% of people experience the “hypnic jerk”. Some scientists believe it has something to do with stress and anxiety accumulations, while some think it is only a natural manifestation.

#9    The skin produces collagen

And we all know just how important collagen is to reduce wrinkles and give us a fresh and youthful look. It should be another good reason not to miss those crucial sleeping hours during the night. So it is best to use moisturizing skin creams before going to bed, as they will be better absorbed and used by your skin while you sleep.

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