These Are 10 Ways You Could Look Younger

#5. Eating oats

Try to go for oats during your breakfast. Make your oats with raisins, low-fat milk, and sesame seeds. The carbs in oats burn for a long time, and there are enough proteins in it to fuel your body and brain too.

#6. Posture



If you are hunkering down, always looking at your mobile screen, your posture will go wrong. You will slowly develop a hunch, which is a classic mark of aging. So, consciously keep your spine straight when you walk.

#7. Proper haircut

For men, thinning hair is a classic sign of genetic baldness setting in. Gravity also pushes hair to stay close to the scalp, revealing your bald spots. So, make your hair shorter and add some layering. Your hair will look more natural, and your bald spots will disappear.

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