Things You Didn’t Know About Diabetes

Diabetes frightens me. Not just because it’s a disease that has fatality rates higher than cancer but also because I have a sweet tooth, and cannot live without sweets. Well, before this, little did I know that diabetes doesn’t always mean that you have to abandon the sweet-ship altogether. Good care is everything. See, the perfect example of myth that follows diabetes was right there. There are many more such myths and facts about diabetes that people believe and completely ignore, respectively.

Before telling you the myths and facts, let me just enlighten you about the types of diabetes. There are two. Type 1 diabetes is the one where your body stops producing insulin. Type 2 diabetes, the most common one, is the one where your body does produce insulin, however big or small the quantity is, but is unable to use it properly.
Now let’s get to the facts, shall we?

#1. Sweet Pee


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Before all the hi-tech chemicals and laboratory were invented with great machines to use them and in them, respectively, diabetes was diagnosed with the taste of a person’s pee. If the person’s pee tasted sweet then he had diabetes. Ew! I know! It’s disgusting, but what other choice did they have. Thank your stars that you were born in this beautiful, gorgeous, not-tasting-pee era.

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