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Top 10 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

  It is impossible not to dream. Every single person, all around the world, dream while they are asleep, for minimum 90 minutes. Dreams have always been a topic of mystery among people. Some dreams are straightforward; they are the exact replica of what you are thinking, or were thinking, or of what’s going on in your life. But some dreams are not that easy to decipher. They just do not make sense (for me, that is most of the times). The concept of dreams becomes even more intriguing when it is realized that people across the world have similar dreams. Here are some very common dreams and their meanings.

#1   Falling dream

Falling dream

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It is a very common dream. Feeling yourself falling while you are dreaming means that you are trying to hold on to a situation too tightly in your real life, but you don’t have to. If that is so, you should let it go, and let the chips fall where they may.

#2  Flying


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If you are flying in your dream, then that means that you have liberated yourself of a thing that has been weighing you down. It also tells us how much control we have over our lives, depending upon how effectively or poorly the flying is handled.

 #3  Death


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Death is often (for obvious reasons) perceived negatively in the world of dreams. It is often connected with some dramatic change going on in your real life. Symbolically, it represents the end of something in order to start something new.

#4  The naked dream

the naked dream

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Most people have the naked dreams only if they feel vulnerable in their real life, be it psychologically, physiologically or emotionally.

#5  Being chased

This may be the number one common dream in the world of dreams. It is the most memorable dream, given that it is the most vivid dreams of all. This dream suggests that you are actually running from a situation (or rather say problem) that needs your attention.

#6  Falling teeth

teeth falling out

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Teeth symbolizes confidence and power. If you dream of your teeth falling out, it means that there is something happening in your waking life that is crushing your confidence.

#7  Unprepared for an exam

unprepared for exams

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Exams are criteria by which we and others generally judge us. If you have a nightmare where you are not prepared for any kind of exam, it means that you are critically examining yourself in your life.

#8  Baby


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If you are often dreaming of a baby, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want one. Babies symbolize a start of something new. It could be anything, a project, a new life, et cetera.

#9  Being late

If you are often late in your dreams (wink!) that indicates that you are losing an important opportunity in your real life, which might be very important to you. It could be because of your busy activity which may or may not be useless.

#10  Vehicles


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Vehicles and our control over them represents what path we are taking and how much control we think we have over the path we are taking. If your vehicle is out of your control, it means that we think we don’t have much control over the current situations in our lives.

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