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Top 10 foods that will boost your mood

Are you tired, crabby or blue- and want to ward off such a feeling? Then self-medicate yourself with healthy foods that will lift your mood. You might be unaware of many facts regarding food habits and your mood but certain foods have lasting powers to bust anxiety, fight depression, and turn around a bad day. So check out the list of top 10 healthiest foods that will surely boost your mood.

#1  Chocolate

Chocolate helps to reduce your stress hormone (including cortisol) and fight anxiety.Eating dark chocolate everyday (1.4ounces of it) will surely help you lighten your mood and make you happy. But don’t grab much; otherwise the impact of cholesterol might be more.

#2  Walnuts


Just have 10 walnuts every day and feel the difference. They are full of essential fast known to improve cell health. Thus walnuts help to improve cell growth, blood circulation around the body and lower blood cholesterol level. Start boosting your mood from today with your daily quotient of walnuts.

#3  Salmon Salads with Vinaigrette

When bad mood strikes then help yourself with salmon salads with vinaigrette. Grab a forkful of fish to feel better.

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Salmon Salads with Vinaigrette

It contains omega 3 fatty acids (like salmon and olive oil) that can prevent depression and fight with anxiety and stress.

#4  Poached eggs and asparagus

Poached eggs, hash brown, mushrooms and asparagus at St Ali South
Summer or winter you can always have poached eggs. Aren’t they yummy? They are yummy for your mood as well. Eggs contain essential nutrients and vitamins to fight depression along with mood-boosting vitamin B.On the other hand asparagus have been proven to reduce serotonin in the brain which helps to prevent anxiety and depression.

#5  Coconuts

So by now you must be feeling up. The next food in our list of top 10 foods for boosting your mind is coconuts. The coconut water is so refreshing and revitalizing. It contains nutrients, vitamins, minerals that will boost you up instantly. Besides, even the very smell of coconut reduces your pulse rate and stress levels. Keep yourself cool this summer with coconuts.

#6  Tea
Tea Tasting Cup
Feeling tired with a fuzzy brain? Help yourself to a cup of green, black or oolong tea to lift your mood. Though it contains caffeine but studies have proven that small amount of caffeine helps to reduce stress and improves concentration.Even facts show that green tea helps to reduce your blood glucose levels, keep you alert and hydrated.

#7  Carbs

Carbs don’t make you fat. Cut out the myth and learn the truth. Carbs can really boost your mind. They help in the production of serotonin, a feel-good brain chemical.Regularly having them in your meal will reduce your anxiety levels and keep you boosted all through the day.

#8  Seaweed

Fuji seaweed salad
The richest source of iodine which is very essential for optimal thyroid and metabolic function, which are in turn crucial for optimal energy and mood.

#9  Fresh corn and blue potato hash

Blue potato hash
Don’t worry these potatoes won’t add fat to your body. They are indeed delicious ways to boost your mind. Blue potatoes are filled with iodine, nutrients and anthocyanins that reduce your brain inflammation and reduce stress levels.Besides you can try your hands at different creative dishes with blue potatoes.

#10  Coffee with cinnamon

Coffee related (Free stock photo)
The best energizer and mood boosting drink. You don’t need a chilled beer or a red bull to boost your mind after a long afternoon. A cup of coffee with cinnamon is sufficient to help you feel refreshed.It creates feel-good feeling by increasing levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin.

Thus is your list of top 10 foods that will surely make you keep light and boost your mood. Try to include them in your diet and you will surely feel the difference. Keep calm and stay healthy!

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