Top 10 Intriguing Facts About Hollywood

For those seeking fame and fortune, Hollywood is the ultimate destination. The biggest entertainment industry of the world has had its own history and anecdotes like any small country. In fact, it is completely different land in itself. Here are 10 intriguing facts about Hollywood.

#1. The origins


The famous ‘HOLLYWOOD’ sign came around in 1923 when Harry Chandler, a real estate agent decided to advertise the property. It cost him $21,000 to raise the sign called ‘HOLLYWOODLAND’. In 1949, that sign was changed to the current one. In fact, since it needed so much upkeep, the Hollywood Sign Trust was formed in 1995.

#2. Warner Bros

Warner Bros

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Four brothers who were originally soap salesmen came to this town and set up a studio and in 1918. This new venture was called Warner Brothers.

#3. The Wildie

‘A Wildie’ who was either an insane person or a drunk person was employed by the legendary Hollywood producer Hal Rach. This person would sit in the writers’ room and come up with crazy ideas whenever the writers stumbled across the writers’ block.

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