Top 10 Mind-Blowing Facts about the Roman Dictator- Julius Caesar

“Et tu, Brute?” these are notably one of the most popular words in English literature and anyone who has heard them knows at least something about the ancient Roman dictator- Julius Caesar. Here are more of mind-blowing facts about the the Roman dictator- Julius Caesar.

#1. The origins of the name

The origins of the name

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Contrary to what many people believe that Caesar got this name because he was born out of cesarean section, hence the name, it is quite debatable. Even though the procedure existed during that time, it was quite rare because it would most likely kill the mother and Julius Caesar’s mother lived for nearly half a century after his birth. The reasons suggested for his name include an ancestor who was “caesus” or that his ancestors might have had “caesaries” or long flowing hair.

#2. Held by Pirates

In 75 B.C., Caesar set out to Rhodes but his ship was hijacked along the way by pirates who demanded a ransom to free him. However, Caesar thought that the ransom amount was insultingly low and insisted upon a higher ransom figure. After he was released, he had his captors hunted down and had them executed.

#3. Marriage

Caesar had been married thrice. His first wife Cornelia died during childbirth, the second wife Pompeia lasted six years before their divorce and third wife Calpurnia outlived him.

#4. Mistresses

Julius Caesar not only had been married thrice, he was quite a noted womanizer. He had multiple mistresses including the Egyptian queen Cleopatra VII, and another woman named Servilia, whose son Marcus Brutus was a part of Caesar’s assassination in 44 B.C.

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