Top 10 Places in Paris That Only a Native Would Know

Paris, the City of Light, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with a myriad of attractions to visit, yet only a few make their name in mainstream tourism itineraries. Sure, they’re fascinating enough for the city to be an icon, but they do not constitute the entire representation of the local attractions. Paris is a stash of many places of wonder including those hidden to the uninquisitive foreigners. Presented here are top 10 places in Paris that only a native would know:

#10. Parc des Butte Chaumont

Parc des Butte Chaumont

Image Source: Flickr

One of the most significant parks in the city, its entire creative ambiance: bridges, waterfalls, and beautiful plants, were artistically crafted by Alphand and Baron Haussmann from but an initially barren land. A mountain can be found deep in the park on top of which holds a spectacular view.

#9. Paris Sewer System

Paris Sewer System

Image Source: Wikimedia

The sewage, dating back to the 1200s, having sat through the epidemics of the dark ages and continuously evolved as a drainage system to date, now serves as a museum exhibiting the entire history of the sewer system in Paris.

#8. Le Bois de Boulogne

Le Bois de Boulogne

Image Source: Flickr

Once a hunting ground for French kings, the park, one of the largest in West Paris, offers various outdoor activities such as boating and trekking. Its lake stands out in the sense of serenity it provides those who decide to paddle their oars to grace in the midst of calmness for a change from the upbeat vibes the bustling cities have to offer.

#7. Belleville


Image Source: Wikimedia

Having once been a village that exported wine to central Paris, the neighborhood now lives up to its name, sustaining cultures from various parts of the world. Also, it is a favorite hangout spot for and the home to the works of many of the best artists today.

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