Top 10 Romantic Movies For the Romantic in You

#5. Eternal sunshine of spotless mind

Eternal sunshine of spotless mind

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This is not your typical girl meets boy story. Sure they meet, fall in love, girl gets fed up with boy and gets her memories erased. Boy find out and does the same. Then what? How do they find their way back to each other? Apart from the romantic angle, the film has a complexity, memory maze which makes one sit down and drown in the movie and characters.

#6. Hannah and her sisters

This 1986 classic became the biggest box- office hit of Woody Allen and grossed $40 million. The story revolves around interconnected stories of three Manhattan sisters: Hannah whose husband is attracted to one of her sisters Lee. The two have an affair but soon Lee’s relationship with her husband comes under a strain. As time passes, Hannah’s ex husband becomes involved with her other sister Holly.

#7. Casablanca


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The movie addresses the feelings of couples separated by war. It is not just about survival but what would be left after war? Will love and desire overcome the temptations of separate lives? Rick and Ilsa’s love is put to test when the meet again in North Africa and a new triangle Rick- Ilsa- Victor must decide which one of them will go ahead.

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