Top 10 Things You didn’t Know About Elephants

#5. Highest gestation period

Highest gestation period

An elephant’s gestation period is 22 months which is highest than any other land animal. Even new born elephants weigh a lot (260 pounds)! A baby elephant can also stand up on its shortly after being born.

#6. They are smart creatures

Elephants have a basic understanding of arithmetic and can keep rack of relative quantities. Moreover, they can recognize 12 distinct tones of music and recreate melodies.

#7. The huge trunk

The huge trunk

An elephant’s trunk is its most important limb which is a fusion of its nose and upper lip. What’s so fascinating about the trunk is that it is strong enough to rip off branches from trees and gentle enough to pick up a blade of grass. The trunk is also used for drinking water and spray water on its body while bathing.

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