Top 10 World’s famous Geniuses

An average human being has an IQ of 100 but geniuses have it more than 100. People are not born with extraordinary brains. I think they are creative and innovative with the work they perform. This is a fact that most geniuses have polished themselves in their own sphere of study. I would like to confront before you a list of geniuses who has been in top 10 since times immemorial.

#1-Johann Goethe

Goethe has an IQ of more than 210. He is a representative of the Romantic Movement. He is not just a writer, but also a dramatist, researcher, theatre executive, statesman, novice craftsman and a reviewer. He can be rather called the most intelligent people of all time.

#2- Leonardo DA Vinci

He is one of the greatest painters of all time. He had an IQ of 205. He is not only a mountain lion, but also a designer, engineer, artist and specialist. Mona Lisa and The Last Supper are two of his greatest works. His paintings are famous to that stage that they regularly turn into periods of discussions.

#3- Emmanuel Swedenborg

Emmanuel Swedenborg was a scholar, savant, Christian magical and a researcher. He’s owed an IQ of 205. He wrote several things about the understanding of scriptural sections.

#4- Benjamin Franklin

He made known to people was science was at the time when people had no idea about science. It is usually undertaken that Benjamin Franklin was the individual who made electrical engineering known to us.

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