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Top 20 Tips to Gain Weight

The planet Earth is dominated by people who want to lose weight but there are also a few people who want to gain weight. Such people are very thin and weak. They also have problem in finding clothes of their size. It is indeed a little embarrassing to be questioned every now and then if you are ill. Such people also have very little stamina. Children with a very lean and thin body structure must be specially tended to. At tender age the body must be full of energy and nutrients for the day.

Top 20 Tips to Gain Weight

Here are some tips to put on some weight in a healthy and controlled way:

  1. Breakfast including eggs in some form is a healthy way to add some cholesterol to your body.
  2. Tuna is good source of healthy fatty acids. You should try to have a meal including tuna at least once a week.
  3. Have a glass of milk with a banana every day in the morning. Bananas are said to be a good weight adder.
  4. Peanut butter on bread for snacks in the evening also works great.
  5. Dried fruits can provide more calories than fresh ones. Therefore, some amount of dried fruits must be taken daily.
  6. Potatoes are also a standard source of carbohydrates and complex sugars. However you should avoid having excess of deep fried potato chips.
  7. Exercise regularly to stay fit. Exercising may be used to add weight to your body. Consult your gym instructor before trying out one.
  8. Increase your diet gradually and do not force food down your throat if you don’t feel hungry.
  9. There are herbal tonics to make you feel hungry at meal times. You could get one of those from your doctor.
  10. Take good rest and sleep sound. However protect yourself from becoming lazy in the pursuit of gaining weight.
  11. Energy bars are also very healthy and a loaded with nuts and oats.
  12. A healthy food habit is to chew the food properly to assist in efficient digestion.
  13. Yogurt also helps to put on some weight and you can have it every day if your health permits.
  14. Whole wheat bread should be used instead of other fancy breads.
  15. Eating in front of the television is not a good way to increase weight and can have serious consequences in the future.
  16. Use healthy appetizers like pickles to make meals interesting.
  17. Do not drink water immediately after having food. This greatly hampers the digestion process.
  18. Chicken and meat also are a rich source of protein. It is often seen that non vegetarians are seldom underweight.
  19. If nothing seems to work on your weight you should try to change the oil in which you cook food. Perhaps switching to olive oil or canola oil can make food more delicious for you.
  20. There are medical supplements also available to gain weight but one should be aware about their risks before using them.
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