Top 5 Video Games of the 90s You Gotta Play

#4. Kirby’s Dreamland (Nintendo Game Boy-1992)

The roly-poly Kirby had us all in its grip as gamers of all ages and expertise went ahead to explore the Dream Land with this adorable cloud ball. But this little fluff ball could suck up its enemies and spit them out at other enemies. The aim of Kirby was to take on King Dedede who had stolen all the food from Dream Land. The upbeat music of the game was another added advantage. The game took the player through various stages in Dream Land such as dungeons and castles. In order to defeat Dedede, Kirby must battle enemies such as candies and tomatoes.

#5. Doom (PC- 1993)


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Doom paved the way for first-person shooter game and is often called the big daddy of FPS genre. The sci-fi and horror theme along LAN death matches and an addictive gameplay worked as great advantages and the game soon became the face of video gaming. The game was quite unique and first of its kind in many ways. Players were able to edit levels, music and graphics. The aim of the main character was to shoot monsters and keep them from invading earth. It allowed multiple players to slaughter each other. In fact, the game was so popular that various companies had to ban it as it was causing a loss to productivity.

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