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Top five good morning habits to practice

Are you a morning person? If not, read on! Here are a few tips that will make you feel on top of the world when you wake up. Say goodbye to grogginess. Let the sun shine and see how wonderful your day goes.

#1  Drink a glass of warm water with lemon:

You have been asleep for nearly eight hours. Your body needs to hydrate itself as soon as it wakes up. So, squeeze a lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it. The water rehydrates your body and the lemon prepares your body for the digestive processed throughout the day. Drinking this concoction every day will also help you lose those stubborn inches from your midriff.

#2  Stretch that body:

The worst habit is to get out of the bed in a huff. Remember, you have been lying almost still for hours. Any sudden movement can give you a bad muscle pull that can severely hamper your day. You don’t want to go through the day with an achy and sore body. So, follow this: get out of bed and stretch in a way as if you are trying to touch the ceiling. Stand up on your toes and hold the position for two minutes. You are good to bound around the day now!

#3  Don’t snooze the alarm:

We all have a tendency to press the snooze button of our alarm clock as soon as it rings. So instead of 7 am, we snooze the clock to 7:15. 7:15 soon turns into 7:30 and then, subsequently, to 8 am! Do you realize that you have actually wasted an hour just snoozing the alarm clock? Wouldn’t it have been a better idea to get out of bed and do something more meaningful? A good practice is to keep the alarm clock away from the bed. So that when it rings, you HAVE to get out of bed to make it stop.

#4  Get some sun on your body and soul:

The best way to be absolutely awake is to stand on your balcony in the bright sunshine. Don’t worry if it’s a gloomy day. You can let the cloudy outdoors wake you up too! If you are lucky and if the sun’s shining, face the sun, stand with your arms outstretched and close your eyes. Say a little prayer – an affirmation to yourself that the day will go smoothly. It helps build positive energy and see you through the day.

#5  A healthy breakfast is very important:

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These days, many of us skip breakfast because of lack of time. But it is the MOST important meal of the day. Look at the word itself – breakfast – it means breaking a fast. Your body has gone without nutrition for eight hours on an average. So once your system starts kicking in, and your digestive juices start flowing, they will need a substrate to act on. Load up on healthy carbs, egg whites and a glass of fresh green smoothie and feel the energy flow.

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