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Top Reasons you should Visit Bali for Honeymoon

From loose, sandy beaches to thrilling volcano-hiking exploits, the Indonesian island of Bali proves to be the perfect getaway for you and your spouse in that long-awaited honeymoon retreat. Leave the clichéd romantic destinations such as Venice and Paris for future travels for in this tropical island are an eclectic blend of memorable ventures. Here are some of the top reasons you should visit Bali for your honeymoon:

#1. The captivating beaches and sub-marine spectacles

The captivating beaches and sub-marine spectacles

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Balinese beaches have the most spectacular seascapes spanning the crystal clear Indian Ocean, providing gorgeous sceneries for leisure strolls. However, honeymoons are when you go big. Bali is strategically located in the Coral Triangle, the global center of marine diversity; be sure to check out the myriad of their breathtakingly beautiful scuba diving sites for legions of exotic marine fauna, vast coral reef formations and old shipwrecks for visuals you will never forget. Surfers of all levels, on the topside, have a variety of tides to choose from ranging from the gentle tides in Kuta beach (with ample of lifeguards) for beginners to the perilous waves of Padang-Padang (a.k.a. the Balinese Pipeline) for the hardcore thrill-seekers. Calm waters for relaxing wades can be found in Nusa Dua, as it fashions a far-out coral reef that breaks the waves approaching the shore.

#2. The indulgent spa treatments

The indulgent spa treatments

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In every tourist’s Bali to-do list lies a common agendum – spa. Balinese massages hold up their own style in a combination of luxuriating long strokes, tender stretching, and meticulous acupressure. Pamper yourself and your loved one with warm foot baths with floating flowers and hot stone massages performed with smoothened coconut shells, all using body scrubs of local recipes comprising of native ingredients and scented with local spices to further enhance the vividness of your exotic Balinese experience. Despite its luxurious nature, spa treatments in Bali are relatively inexpensive.

#3. The surreal greenery

The surreal greenery

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Your honeymoon may also serve as a retreat for your eyes as they savvy some of the greener pastures of Bali. Prepare yourself for the panoramic vista of the 10-century-old Tegalalang Rice Terrace, an organized system of layered rice paddies irrigated by canals and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then, hike to descend the terraces or opt for a bike tour and witness locals in traditional straw hats handpicking the white rice.

#4. The exquisite delicacies

The exquisite delicacies

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As part of the absurd Southeast Asian culinary culture, Bali presents some of the most sensational meals. While noodles and fried rice are the staples (nonetheless delicious), the island prides itself for the assortment of locally grown fruits such as the snakeskin fruit, mangosteen, jackfruit, dragonfruit, durian, starfruit, and guava among many others with outrageous zests that you and your spouse can explore. Famous delicacies include Gado-Gado, a salad of crunchy vegetables mixed with hard-boiled eggs, fried tempeh (fermented soybeans) and tofu, boiled potatoes, and lontong (compressed rice cakes), served with a sweet-and-savory peanut sauce dressing.

#5. The brazenly exalted volcanos

The brazenly exalted volcanos

Image Source: flickr

Volcano trekking may be a thing of the shadows to tourists as Bali’s beaches snag the limelight, but you should never underestimate the magnificent sunrise views awaiting those at their peaks. Mount Batur comes on top of the list of most popular active volcanos to hike; in addition to the aesthetical break of dawn, this beauty rocks an unparalleled view of Lake Batur, formed of black lava from its most recent eruption in 2000, and a savory reward – eggs, cooked on lava-heated rocks. What a treat!

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