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Top six strangest places on earth you have to see to believe!

Our world is a mysterious place. Hidden beneath the veneer of civilization, cities and bustling population is a world no one has seen and few have visited. Here is a list of six places that will amaze you and also creep you out to a certain extent! But they do exists, nonetheless!

#1   The Doll Island, Mexico:

In Xochimilco island in Mexico, lies the Doll Island. Legend has it that one day, a little girl died in the canals surrounding this little island. From that day, dolls of all shapes and sizes would wash ashore! Only one person lives on the island, the caretaker. He hangs the dolls that float ashore on a tree with threads in memory of the dead girl.

#2   Varosha, the ghost resort town, Cyprus:

Varosha, the ghost resort town, Cyprus:
Image Source

Varosha was once built as a resort city on the coast of Cyprus. But after the Turkish invasion in 1974, the town got quickly evacuated. Today, there is not a single living soul in the city. Despite the blue sea and rolling waves and the town looking like a bustling centre from a distance, Varosha is completely uninhabited!

#3   Maunsell Sea Forts, English North Sea:

Maunsell Sea Forts, English North Sea
Image Source

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This may look like a still from a science fiction movie. These elevated chambers were built during World War II to protect England from a Nazi invasion. Today, they stand empty like ghostly sentinels guarding the mainland. The only living things that inhabit these little fortresses are sea gulls and other marine life.

#4   Gnomesville Australia:

Gnomesville Australia
Image Source

Imagine a city built only for gnomes to live in! This is not just stuff from the fairy tales but is an actual city in Australia! Around the coast of Western Australia a little away from the town of Bunbury is a place called Gnomesville. It has become a popular tourist spot today. Legend has it that real gnomes have been around since the 16th century! Creepy?

#5   The Door Railway, Hanoi:

The Door Railway, Hanoi
Image Source

Imagine a huge train thundering across your backyard with great might! This is exactly how residents of this commercial districts in Hanoi, Vietnam feel. Thankfully, they have the train schedule by heart! This train literally passes twice a day just inches away from their doorways and shop gates.

#6   Wildlife Bridge, Netherlands:

Wildlife Bridge, Netherlands
Image Source

A complete bridge made only for wildlife to cross? Sounds unbelievable? In Netherlands, an entire tract of grassland is constructed over a highway as a continuation of the forests to allow wildlife to cross over to the other side while motors pass underneath it. A great step for preserving their fauna.

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