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Top tips for strong and healthy bones

Human bones are the storehouses of essential nutrients and minerals, important for overall growth of the body. Good bones are an indicator of good health. Maintaining good health of bones is important as bones play a significant role in preventing different diseases; they provide a structure to the body and protect the different organs of the body. There are a few points that need to be followed so as to ensure strong and healthy bones. These points are as follows.

Bone Health Tip # 1: Know your bone health

For strong and healthy bones it is always recommended that one sees his or her physician. The physician often advises one to conduct tests to determine bone density as well as to calculate one’s risk to various bone diseases.

Bone Health Tip # 2: Add sunshine in your life

As is known that vitamin D is essential for bones and so in order to get sufficient amount of vitamin D one needs to expose oneself to the morning sun. This is a natural treatment and if one is interested about using vitamin supplements for the same then one must consult a doctor.

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Bone Health Tip # 3: Eat calcium-rich foods

For strong and healthy bones Calcium is very much essential. Hence there should be adequate calcium intake but one should refrain from consuming too much of calcium as it can cause health complications.

Bone Health Tip # 4: Add nuts in your diet

Nuts are a great source of calcium and other minerals and therefore are natural supplements for strong and healthy bones.

Bone Health Tip # 5: Exercising is crucial

One should take part in regular physical activity for strong and healthy bones. Exercise and other physical activity helps to increase muscle strength, balance and coordination.

Bone Health Tip # 6: Protein is important as well

Protein is important for strong and healthy bones and therefore high protein diets like eggs, meat and beans are a must.

Bone Health Tip # 7: Practice abdominal exercises

One should practise various abdominal exercises so as to ensure erect spinal chord as it is very good for the body

 Bone Health Tip # 8: Quit smoking

Smoking cause osteoporosis and improper function of the bone-building cells and therefore one must quit smoking to ensure strong and healthy bones.

Bone Health Tip # 9: Vegetables all the way!

There should be a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as they help in bone growth. Moreover the presence of different essential nutrients in the fruits and vegetables help in strong and healthy bones.

Bone Health Tip # 10: Shrink your drinking glass

Regular drinking habits causes osteoporosis and therefore drinking should be reduced to maintain the health of bones.

 Bone Health Tip # 11: Avoid aerated drinks

Aerated drinks are harmful for bones and therefore should be avoided.

Bone Health Tip # 12: Watch your weight

Good bone health is possible if one has a healthy weight and therefore one should watch one’s weight regularly.

 Bone Health Tip # 13: Prevent falls

Fracture and bone damage is caused by falls and therefore fall should be prevented.

Bone Health Tip # 14: Genes matter a lot

Good Genes can give good bone health and therefore doctors need to be consulted for gene therapy.

Bone Health Tip # 15: Reduce your salt intake

Too much salt intake increases calcium loss and so salt intake should be minimised.

Bone Health Tip # 16: Caffeine can be bad as well

Caffeine consumption causes bone loss and therefore should be avoided.

Bone Health Tip # 17: Obtain sufficient vitamin K

Vitamin K is very much essential for bone growth and therefore foods rich in Vitamin k like dark green leafy vegetables should be included in one’s diet.

Bone Health Tip # 18: Change your diet

Always one should take a balanced diet.
Bone Health Tip # 19: Skip an automated life

More one works and does things oneself; the better it is for that person as well as his bone growth.

Bone Health Tip # 20: Talk to your doctor

If one has bone related issues then one must consult the doctor as he might prescribe certain medications that can prevent bone loss and help overall growth.

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