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Have Trouble Falling Asleep? These 3 Breathing Techniques Ensure You A Quick Sleep!

Sleeping is an integral function of the human body and is a must if you want to function normally and to the fullest of your capabilities. However, due to a stressful and hectic lifestyle, many of us usually fall asleep much later, and this messes up our biological clock. Also, the sleep quality is not good enough which translates to a cranky mood and a bad day tomorrow. Forgot your wallet home? Blame the absent mindedness on lack of good sleep.

Here are three major breathing techniques that will ensure that you get a quality, good night sleep!

#1. The 4-7-8 Method:

4-7-8 mehod

This method has gained popularity for quite some time because it works wonder for those who are constantly pestered by noises going off in their ears. This is how you follow the 4-7-8 method:


  • Sit straight and place the tip of your tongue on the upper surface of your mouth just behind your teeth.
  • In this position, now breathe in till four counts.
  • Now hold your breath for seven counts and release it in eight counts.
  • Carry on with this till four counts.
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The 4-7-8 method will eventually help you fall asleep because you have been maintaining a posture for a couple of minutes and have been breathing in and out while you were at it. This causes your mind to focus on the activity, thus putting in the right frame to relax and fall asleep.


#2. Meditative Breathing:

Meditative Breathing


Meditation has shown its benefits for several problems such as lack of focus and concentration. However, it also works wonders for fixing your sleep. Meditation is a multi-purpose health tool that works well for a number of health issues provided it is done in the right way and consistently.


  • Sit straight and close your eyes.
  • Either place your hands on your knees or if you are sitting with folded legs, make a Yogic position of your fingers and place then at the edge of your knees.
  • Relax and then inhale and exhale and most specifically focus on your breathing. Count your breaths if you want to.


Focusing on the breathing is an important component of Vipassana technique from Yoga and is known to have inherent mind calming effects. It relaxes your tense muscles that put your mind at ease.


#3. Yogic Single Nostril Breathing:

Yogic Single Nostril Breathing

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Yoga has answers to many of your modern day stress-related maladies and fixes them within a few weeks if you follow the techniques right. For example, Nadi Shodhana or Anulom Vilom technique where you have to breathe in from one nostril and breathe out from the other works great. If you are intimidated by the Yogic buzzwords here is the method.


  • Plug your right nostril with your right thumb and inhale from the left nostril.
  • Now, while holding your breath, plug your left nostril with your right hand’s middle finger.
  • Remove your right thumb from your right nostril and breathe out.
  • Focus on your breathing while breathing.

With that being said, it is always better to use natural and healthy techniques rather than going for medications that put your body at risk of addiction.

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