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Your Ultimate Guide to Travel on Cheap Budget

Contrary to what you believe, travelling is actually very cheap; you just need to do it right!

So, don’t compromise on your plans of exploring the world just because of money constraints. Just follow this ultimate guide to travelling on a tight budget and you might be able to afford the next vacation without burning a hole in your pocket.

#1. Plan Ahead


The longer you wait, the more expensive your travel becomes starting from airfare to hotel stays. In fact, you could miss out on early bird discounts on various activities. So, if you are planning to travel in 2-3 months, better start hunting for deals now so that you can enjoy your time travelling and not worry about exceeding your budget.

#2. Travel off season

Travel off season

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Avoid travelling during peak season. This is when prices of hotels, airfare, taxi and what not skyrocket. Peak time may vary depending on your destination but usually it is major holidays or summer breaks. You can cut costs to a great extent by travelling off-season. Moreover, you will have a better time and can enjoy your vacation in peace rather than spot tourists all around.

#3. Choose a hotel alternative

hotel room

You can book a hotel in advance (this means before months) so that you can get a good discount on your hotel stay. However, if you made sudden plans and hotels seem too expensive you can always look for alternatives such as home stay. There are websites such as that can help you discover local accommodation for cheap. Besides, this will give you a chance to interact with locals and explore destinations better.

Or you can opt for business hotels which are more affordable on weekends.

#4. Avoid unnecessary spending

Avoid unnecessary spending

This includes hopping on a taxi every time you have to go out. Try asking the locals for route if the place is nearby. Or, you may take the bus. This is a great way to explore the city or the place you are visiting. Moreover, avoid buying all sorts of souvenirs such as -shirts and shot glasses. Sure, they may look fun and you might feel like taking something back for remembrance but these will just add extra baggage. Instead, take something quirky or interesting that will remind you of pleasant memories of the place.

#5. Go tech savvy

Go tech savvy

Subscribe to emails from your preferred travel websites. They will tell you when there is an amazing package or when prices are down. Always book tickets online as you can better deals when you buy flight tickets along with some other activity such as hotel stay or travel to certain destinations. At the same time, download some travel related apps in your phone. They will keep you posted when airfares are down and will also tell you about app exclusive deals.

#6. Look for discounts

Why spend more when you can get discounts on everything from dinner to spa? Before you make plans for the day, check sites such as Groupon that offer great deals and discounts. If your itinerary consists of visiting a lot of destinations be sure to check for discounts offers in the nearby areas.


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