It is Unbelieving How Makeup Affects Your Skin.


Another bad effect of makeup is that it causes acnes and pimples. Yes, you probably had been using makeup to hide your pimples and acnes. But the reality is that the major cause of acnes and pimples is makeup. This happens due to certain oils that are present in the makeup you use. The acnes caused by this are known as acne cosmetica  and it is characterised by blocked pores and reddened bumps on the skin. They are generally common and mild but you definitely won’t like dots on your face, will you?

To avoid these, you need to be very careful in choosing your cosmetics. If you want to protect your skin from acnes and pimples then you have to make sure that you choose oil and fragrance free makeups. It is very easy to find them. Check the labels and buy those products which are labeled with the words hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic. The hypoallergenic cosmetics avoids allergies while the noncomedogenic keeps away the blocking of pores and nonacnegenics prevent acnes. So next time you go to buy ccoametics, don’t forget to check the labels.

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